Blockchain-based AI Computing provider Gensyn Raises $43M in Series A Funding Round Led by a16z

Recap: Gensyn, a UK-based provider of blockchain-based computing resources for artificial intelligence platforms, has secured $43 million in a Series A funding round led by venture capital firm a16z. The company’s protocol enables developers to build AI systems on smaller data centers, personal gaming computers, and other connected hardware, and pay on demand. Gensyn uses a cryptographic verification network to allow users to determine that machine learning work shared over the protocol has been finished correctly without intermediaries. The company will use the fresh funding to accelerate the introduction of the protocol and expand its workforce.

Opinion: Gensyn’s approach to providing blockchain-based computing resources for AI systems is impressive. By allowing anyone around the world to contribute to the development of aligned and unbiased AI, Gensyn is democratizing access to this revolutionary technology. As AI becomes increasingly widespread, I believe that Gensyn’s protocol will become even more critical in ensuring that the technology is developed ethically and inclusively. The company’s ability to raise significant funding from a variety of investment firms and venture capitalists shows that the market recognizes the importance of their work in the AI sector. [1]

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