Meet the Engineer Bringing Blockchain into the Future

05.31.2023 14827

We sat down with Kobi Oranski, an experienced software engineer who made the leap from traditional IT into the world of blockchain and AI. Driven by a passion for emerging technology, Kobi now works as a web3 consultant on EY’s blockchain team. We picked his brain on his journey into blockchain, the industry’s evolution, and what future applications excite him most.

AboutTheBlock: What originally sparked your interest in blockchain technology?

Kobi: In 2017, the hype around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum was escalating rapidly. While much of it seemed like speculative mania, I also heard genuine stories of profits. This dichotomy intrigued me. As I dug deeper into resources like Andreas Antonopoulos’ “Introduction to Bitcoin,” I realized there was far more potential to blockchain than just speculation. It could revolutionize systems globally. This insight shifted my casual curiosity into a professional passion.

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Interview: Viktoria Dolzhenko – Blockchain Developer

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain expert Viktoria Dolzhenko shares insights from her career in an interview with Scott Koegler. She discusses how her interest in blockchain grew from seeking high salaries to appreciating its innovative potential, technical challenges faced when building her first blockchain system, the evolution of blockchain architecture, and meanings she finds in developing blockchain solutions. Viktoria also provides perspectives on blockchain applications, common misconceptions about the technology, considerations for integration, and her vision for the future of blockchain.

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